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Wireless monitoring system plant

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Specification:Municipal waste water quality monitoring system is a sophisticate system which is integrated into one system and developed by Beijing Huakeyi Power Plant Instrument Research Institute for monitoring and detecting many kinds of water' s parameter such us pH, dissolve Oxygen ( DO) , Phosphate, Conductivity, Ammonia, Nitrate, Silicate, acidity and alkalinity, Hydrazine, low level sodium, cation sodium, Chemical oxygen demand ( COD) , etc. This integrated system is applied for many kinds of purposes such as for municipal government ( drinking water treatment) , power plant ( boilers) and waste water treatment ( industries) , pharmaceutical ( industries) , Food and beverages ( Industries) . This system will help you to reduce your analysis cost, maintenance cost and to take prevention action. You can easily to get the data of time by time and every day depend on your need. Available two systems that is wired and wireless.These systems the only one in the monitoring world of the water and waste water. Please do not hesitate to contact us for getting information in detail.

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Name:Mr. Hikindo [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:+62-082216611966;+62-081809090769
Phone Number:+62-22-2785432
Address:Jl.Abd.Rahman Saleh Komp.City Square B-25
Bandung 40164, Jawa Barat
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